Level the playing field with the
Nativelands Specific Claims Program

First Nations only get one opportunity to make the case for a successful outcome.

It is difficult to navigate the overwhelming number of lawyers, historians, researchers, and other experts with the necessary experience, knowledge, and cultural competency to work with First Nations communities. That is why our partners include preferred law firms, researchers, historical experts, and other professionals who specialize in this area. We provide a list of qualified and trusted professionals that can assist in pursuing your claim(s).

The average cost for researching, providing legal opinions, obtaining expert reports filing and submitting each specific a claim that meets the “Minimum Standard” can be as low as $800,000 for a simple Cow and Plough or Ammo Claim, or as high as $1,500,000 for a more complex Treaty Disparity or Flooding Claim. The more research and expert reports that are required impacts the final cost of each specific claim. This is why we offer a way to reduce these legal and expert fees by promoting cost reductions, especially when filing multiple claims, and by using a community navigator. In this way, claims can be researched simultaneously to obtain multiple and individual claim legal opinions that have been properly valued and researched.

Our Specific Claims management system is unlike any other because we conduct specific research to look for any other claims that could meet the Specific Claims criterion. Using this process, many communities have discovered multiple claims that can be filed separately while using much of the same historical information and research. These multiple claims can be managed separately and any research obtained on other claims can be submitted separately. This way the Nation pays only once for the reports. By utilizing the same expert analysis, the final reports can be amended to support legal opinions on multiple matters.

Program Benefits

  • Chief and Council are no longer affected by inadequate funding by the Specific Claims Branch
  • Chief and Council now have the flexibility to select independent counsel
  • Chief and Council will have a line of credit to pay a substantial portion of the legal fees as they are being incurred
  • Chief and Council will have the ability to obtain the best researchers, experts, and reports, to advance negotiations
  • Chief and Council pay a one-time insurance premium that can be paid by the line of credit
  • Chief and Council are assured the Legal Expense Insurance company will not participate in the settlement

First Nations’ deserve to have the best opportunities to pursue settlements, make informed decisions based on a solid basis of information, and where desired, re-engage the Specific Claims process in a manner that evens the playing field with Canada—including claims previously rejected or closed.