Most First Nations do not have the financial resources to pursue claims, forcing them to have to “wait and see” if their Claim will be accepted or if more funding will become available.

There are very few funding alternatives for First Nations other than to use the government’s Specific Claims Loan Facility, or existing savings. When funding runs out mid-process, the claim comes to a stand-still.

Any money borrowed from the Minister/Specific Claims Branch must be repaid – with interest, regardless of if the Claim has been accepted or rejected.

Nativelands Specific Claims Group - Average costs to file a Specific Claim in Canada

Most First Nations are handicapped in their ability to pursue Specific Claims because they lack the financial and human resources necessary to research, submit, negotiate, and settle a claim. In most cases they do not have experts trained in research, legal analysis, or negotiation, which forces them to hire outside consultants who often do not understand the culture and traditions of the community.

It is estimated that more than 2,300 valid claims have not been initiated over concerns that Canada will not provide adequate loans or funding to allow the First Nation to achieve the most optimal outcome.