Restoration, remodeling, and reconstruction

Finding the right people who know how to handle restoration and reconstruction after a disaster is a must. A wrong decision can lead to undesirable results and further damage.

Our highly trained and certified contractors and tradespeople have years of experience dealing with post disaster clean-up, reconstruction, and restoration. From simple remodeling and repairs to full reconstruction, our skilled contractors and labourers have the knowledge and resources to provide you the services you need to put businesses, homes, or infrastructure back together quickly and efficiently.

Nativelands oversees all areas of the restoration, remodeling, or reconstruction process, and work closely with your insurance company to ensure they have the information they need to handle your claim quickly.

Nativelands champions the use of local contractors and vendors first.

At Nativelands, we champion the use of local contractors, vendors, services, and building suppliers first, helping to keep jobs, wealth, and opportunity within the community. Our “Preferred Vendor” program includes suppliers, contractors, architects, engineers, labourers, manufacturers and service providers, all of whom share our commitment to provide safe, sustainable and affordable construction for communities all across Canada.