Will you know what to do when disaster strikes?

When natural or man-made disasters hit a business or community, all capabilities and people are affected. Everything from daily operations, customers and services, to safety, security, and well-being can be uprooted. Even with days of warning that a pending disaster is approaching, the event can still cause panic and fear. Without a plan in place for employees, families, or citizens to follow, chaos ensues, creating an even worse situation for business or community leaders, law enforcement, and first responders.

Our certified and qualified training experts are available to help your business, group, or community prepare for potential disasters. Avoid panic and build confidence within your community and workplace by addressing the possible consequences of a disaster, and creating a response plan.

As well as helping with a new disaster response plan, our services also include auditing existing plans, assisting with annual plan reviews, management and employee training, and preparation and execution exercises to help familiarize administrators, members, employees, and volunteers in your plan’s procedures.

We also offer financial and administrative planning.