Risk management is an important part of planning for communities, businesses, and organizations.

The process of risk management is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of certain kinds of events happening or having an impact. There are many different types of risk that risk management plans can mitigate. Common risks include things like accidents in the workplace or fires. It can also include legal risks like fraud, and theft. Risks can also relate to business practices, failures in projects, credit risks, or the security and storage of data and records.

Nativelands work directly with each community to develop and produce a wide range of risk management analysis and reports to help communities understand the nature, source, cause, level, likelihood, and consequence of any and all identified risks facing their community.

Nativelands Risk Management Services - Disaster Response

Disaster Response Services

Certified experts available to help communities and local organizations create or modify emergency response and disaster plans, life-safety training, employee and management training, and financial and administrative planning.

Nativelands Risk Management Services - Restoration and Reconstruction

Restoration and Reconstruction

Access to experienced and certified contractors and tradespeople for all levels of work. Nativelands also champions using local community labourers as the primary resource for restoration and reconstruction projects, keeping jobs within the community.

Nativelands Risk Management Services - ECP Mould Cleaning Process

ECP Mould Cleaning Process

The Indoor Environmental Cleaning Process training course will educate, train, and certify members of First Nation communities to properly and safely inspect and clean mould, germs viruses, bacteria, and bugs from their own homes and buildings.