The Nativelands Specific Claims Funding Process

Nativelands Process Flow begins when Nativelands is appointed by the Nation to help manage or settle one or more Specific Claims, or to research a potential claim.

Nativelands arranges an insurance policy that acts as collateral, and a bank is selected. Our financial partners are Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Concentra Financial, and Bank of Montreal (BMO). The lender will advance up to $10,000,000 for each claim, and from that all invoices incurred will be paid out. The bank pays the insurance policy premiums so there is no financial cost to the Nation.

Nativelands Timeline

To protect the Nation and insulate the claim, a pre-settlement Trust will be created. The bank loan, insurance policy and the Nation are protected and sheltered inside the Trust so there is no risk to the Nation. If the claim is lost or the settlement is less than the loan, the insurance company pays 100% of the costs.

Nativelands also works with a local Community Navigator, who is appointed by the Chief and Council to receive quality financial updates and regularly report back to Council on Nativelands progress.

Nativelands Specific Claims Process

To date, over $6 Billion has been paid out by the Federal Government to First Nations in Canada, representing 467 claims.

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