Nativelands Specific Claims Process and Community Planning Association

Introducing the Nativelands Specific Claims Financing Program

With our program, First Nations can conduct proper research, secure expert reports, and engage the best negotiation team to pursue resolution of their Specific Claims with confidence, on their timetable, and without relying on the federal or provincial government.

Working in partnership with our member communities, Nativelands will help to:

  • Prepare and submit claims into the Specific Claims process
  • Review rejected claims, resubmit to the branch, or submit new claims to the Tribunal
  • Ensure consistent, meaningful and productive negotiation with Canada
  • Finance 100% of the associated costs for expert historical and legal research
  • Secure expert reports, engage the best negotiators, and conduct community engagement
  • Provide trustee services, community planning services, and economic development services

As part of our services, Nativelands will review any of the First Nation’s Specific Claims that were previously denied, closed, or found to have no legal merit to determine if they could be refiled or resubmitted.

Program Benefits

  • Chief and Council are no longer affected by inadequate funding by the Specific Claims Branch
  • Chief and Council now have the flexibility to select independent counsel
  • Chief and Council will have a line of credit to pay a substantial portion of the legal fees as they are being incurred
  • Chief and Council will have the ability to obtain the best researchers, experts, and reports, to advance negotiations
  • Chief and Council pay a one-time insurance premium that can be paid by the line of credit
  • Chief and Council are assured the Legal Expense Insurance company will not participate in the settlement