Readiness planning and capacity development for communities

The Nativelands Economic Planning process was born from the voices of Indigenous Nations who shared their vision for the future, their concerns of today, and solutions for moving forward together. It involved participation from community departments, organizations, and leadership, to ensure all the incredible work being done by so many people was captured. Our goal is for this collaboration to live and continue as a way for communities to engage in healthy dialogue about their continued progress.

Lasting community change requires more than a plan – it requires a process for rebuilding the community.

This process must allow space for the community to reflect on what was protected by their Ancestors, such as language, culture, and traditional ways of knowing and living. It also requires that attention be turned to the present and future, to ensure the next generation can enjoy these things.

Nativelands is mindful of the traumas that have been experienced by Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island, and that the impacts of these traumas remain evident in communities today. We believe community change is possible and that the pathway for that change requires an open mind, healing dialogue and a compassionate heart.

In the Nativelands economic planning process, everyone has a role to play and wisdom to share. Creating an economic plan is a step towards self-determination, independence and a thriving economic future. The plan is a guiding document formed by community voices as a road map toward a healthy, happy, thriving future for the coming faces of tomorrow.

Nativelands Specific Claims Group