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About Us

Providing First Nation governments with the power to settle Specific Claims with Canada within the program time frames, using community trained research expertise supported by ethical legal representation, a socially conscious insurance underwriter and cooperative financial institutions.

Nativelands Mission Statement

The Nativelands team has been working both in front and behind the scenes for many years, combining our collective expertise to develop a “one-stop” Specific Claim insurance and financing program with a full range of services from trusted partners.

Nativelands is comprised of First Nations-owned insurance entities who together share the goal of providing effective Specific Claims solutions to First Nations communities across Canada. Each partner in the Nativelands team brings an exceptional standard of service or product that contributes to the overall goal of helping First Nations through the Specific Claims process, successfully.

Nativelands has been personally involved in the Specific Claims process for more than 30 years and we realize that First Nations only get one opportunity to make the case for a successful outcome.

Nativelands has:
a. Prepared, negotiated, and resolved of over 100 claims
b. Achieved settlement value in excess of $600 million with 25 more claims in active negotiation
c. Secured over 40 insured lines of credit, underwritten, with an indemnity value of $86 million

Drawing on our tenured experience in the industry, we’ve sought preferred law firms, researchers, historical experts, and other professionals who specialize in this area. We provide a list of qualified and trusted professionals that can assist First Nations in pursuing their claim(s).

Nativelands has identified and created a “rolodex” of trusted advisors and expert resources and obtained  committed insurance and financing partners who have developed a top-tier suite of Specific Claims products and services for our partner Nations, including counsel, insurance underwriters, lenders, researchers, and other resources.

Our research and consulting services include Indigenous claims and litigation and other litigation areas. Our primary expertise lies in archival and academic research, historical and ethnological analysis, and document management, and our staff have backgrounds in the study of Indigenous issues, Canadian history, international relations, anthropology, sociology, geography, law, and psychology.

As well as preparing for submissions of specific, comprehensive, and other claims, Nativelands can also:

  • Identify relevant primary and secondary claims and conduct primary and secondary research
  • Produce analytical, historical, genealogical reports, chronologies, statements of facts, briefing materials
  • Prepare summaries of findings and issues for use in briefing materials
  • Discuss research strategies with litigators and clients
  • Conduct oral history interviews

Our partners have significant experience in the areas of Indigenous claims and litigation, First Nations’ legal counsel and government policies, procedures, and guidelines (both historical and contemporary) as well as legislation and judicial decisions concerning Indigenous rights and land claims. Our other areas of expertise include:

  • Size of reserve
  • Cut-off of reserve lands
  • Flooding on and off reserve
  • Illegal imposition of reserve land management
  • Reserve treaty land entitlement
  • Illegal pre-emptions of reserves
  • Illegal timber surrender
  • Mismanagement of timber revenues
  • Illegal surrenders of land and/or minerals
  • Boundaries/location of reserve
  • Mismanagement of compensation
  • Inadequate compensation
  • Treaty benefits
  • Failure to set aside reserve lands
  • Mismanagement of surrendered land sales
  • Transboundary issues
  • Reserve alienation
  • Loss of assets
  • Illegal expropriations