Put your best foot forward with Nativelands

Nativelands clients make up a total population of 1.4 million people within 745 recognized communities, who occupy a land base that now controls over 10% of Canada’s land mass.

Nativelands Specific Claims Group

Our clients represent a combined nationwide income of $32 billion and by 2026 will have achieved a 50% income growth rate in less than ten years.

Our clients lead Canada in the number of new start-up businesses for the past decade.

Our clients are the youngest and fastest growing segment of the Canadian population, graduating with university and college diplomas and professional designations that continually increase year after year.

Our clients will build 130,197 new housing units to accommodate household growth, at $290,000 per unit, with over $13 billion in construction costs and material dollars.

Our clients continue to negotiate and settle over 900 Specific Claims, returning over $26 billion to our communities, and providing our nations with opportunities to invest and participate in more than 500 major economic projects on or adjacent to traditional lands, which will exceed $1 trillion dollars.

Our clients will require commercial banking products that include loans and deposits for community governments, economic development corporations, and medium-sized businesses, estimated to eclipse $6 to $7 billion annually, by 2026.

Our clients will rebuild their community infrastructure, housing, roads, water systems, and local telecommunication systems through P3 partnerships and joint ventures with corporate Canada.